Kitchen Unit Lia


One block, infinite possibilities.

The professional kitchen that is so versatile and customizable that it reinvents itself in every application.

The reliable, charming and intelligent ally.

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With reliability levels among the best in its category and a design that captures the scene, Lia is the professional kitchen that can take on whatever shape or form you require. It is, in fact, a monoblock characterized not only by significantly higher performances than the single level and modular solutions, but also by a load-bearing construction on which the hygienic compartments (H3) and high-yield wallplates are inserted. Distinguished by its maximum energy and cooking efficiency, the wallplates that can be used are: induction cooktop, vitroceramic hob, deep fryer, solid top, grill, tilting frying pan, multiple, pasta cooker, bain-marie, wok.

Our consultants are at your disposal to help you discover all the secrets of Lia and to plan every single detail together. Lia is made of steel, but we are people who put listening, availability and continuous assistance at the centre of our work.

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Affidabilità Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Reliability

AUDE is a young company, but we are experienced professionals. In fact, we have thirty years’ experience in the marine sector, a market in which kitchens must guarantee maximum robustness. For Lia we use the same standards of hygiene and solidity, starting from a load-bearing construction on which we weld the different components. Every single corner is made of steel. In fact, there are no corners at all, since we round them up to facilitate deeper and longer lasting cleaning.

Custom taste.

Lia’s style is unique and unmistakable, but the distribution of the elements, the technical solutions and the finishes are completely customizable. That is why we can always guarantee a tailor-made solution whatever the requirements – from the professional open kitchens of the most refined restaurants to the equipment for yachts and cruise ships that want to give their chefs in the best environment to express themselves.

Connected only to efficiency.

One of the key structural advantages that our monoblock offers, is the presence of a single outlet for water, gas and electricity. In this way, Lia enables the optimization of the pipes for the utilities that we put in place during production, always following your requirements. The presence of a single outlet, reduces the structural interventions, which significantly lowers the construction costs related to the preparation of the space.

Easy to install.

Our monoblock stands for flexibility. Once you have finalised your custom kitchen project, we make the individual components and ship them separately. Once placed inside the room, we assemble the various modules, generating the monoblock shared in the design phase. In this way, we can also install in contexts where access is more complex.

Consumption reduced by 40%.

Lia eliminates waste and reduces consumption by up to 40% compared to the standards offered by classic professional kitchens. In fact, our cooking surfaces are above average in thickness. This allows you to make the most of thermal inertia and retain heat much longer. In addition, the latest generation software that manages the equipment allows intelligent modulation of the electric current.

Kitchen 4.0.

Lia is the professional kitchen projected into the future. The long life and reliability of our products is due not only to the high level of resistance of the materials used, but also to their ability to support technological evolution. Lia responds to the parameters set by the Industry 4.0 program, integrating several innovative features within a single intelligent system.

AUDE Kitchen Cockpit.

Aude Kitchen Cockpit is the intelligent technological system that allows you to manage the kitchen directly from your smartphone, wherever you are. Here are some of features:

Total remote control of the kitchen in real time
Complete verification and management of equipment consumption
Detailed monitoring of the operating status
Log of the hours of activity of the equipment
Register and print of refrigerator temperatures
Loading of the cooking programs and the core probe on the designed for machines
Monitoring of energy, water and cooking times and opening of fridge doors
Availability and printing of HACCP food safety data

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