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As our kitchens are designed for professional use, they have naval characteristics, but they can also perfectly satisfy the architectural needs of the most refined domestic environments.

Professional kitchens.

We integrate the highest performance with maximum comfort to create a workshop where you can express your talent. Moreover, thanks to the different depths measurements and power options available, our kitchens adapt can perfectly to your restaurant, whatever its size.

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Domestic kitchens.

In our kitchens you can feel like a chef in your very own home. If you love cooking hobs and want the robustness and charm of a professional steel kitchen, we can create the solution which best fits the interior design of your home.

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Naval kitchens.

Cruise ships, yachts and generally any type of boat aiming for elegant and reliable solutions that meet the most stringent quality requirements: our kitchens are designed to sail with those who never veer away from the route to excellence.

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